Save thousands of $$$
Extend your dog's life!

K9 dentist kit includes all the tools you need to keep your dog’s mouth healthy and happy, without expensive cleanings from your vet’s office. A portion of the proceeds from every kit goes directly to HonorBound Foundation to fund the training of service dogs for helping veterans with PTSD.
K9 Dentist

What's in the kit

Everything you need to keep your dog’s mouth smelling fresh and feeling great.

Our founder, Dr. Peter Maro, is a dentist. He designed the K9 Dentist system that makes it easy and affordable to keep your dog’s mouth healthy — no dental degree required! With the kit, you’ll get:

  • A specially designed toothbrush with multiple size options to fit any dog
  • 2 specially designed toothbrushes that fit on your fingers
  • Beef-flavored toothpaste, specially formulated for canine mouths
  • A Comfort Bite Block to make brushing quick and easy
  • A scaler/scraper to remove even the toughest plaque and tartar
  • A model set of canine teeth, with realistic plaque and tartar, for you to practice on before cleaning your dog’s teeth
  • Magnifying glasses so that you can see exactly what you’re doing

Order Your Kit

Order your kit today and get everything you need to keep your dog’s mouth healthy. Remember, a healthier mouth means a longer life.
K9 Dentist

Clean, Clean, Clean!

Use the items in your kit to clean your furry friend’s teeth. Follow the instructions once a day to make sure Fido’s teeth are shining!
K9 Dentist

Reorder Products

When you run out of toothpaste or your brush wears out, you don’t have to order an entire new kit! We sell the components individually.
K9 Dentist
K9 Dentist


Everybody is raving about our at-home dental system for dogs!

I’ll never pay to have my dog’s teeth cleaned again!
I was spending almost $500 a year to have my dog’s teeth cleaned professionally. I tried this kit for $50 and I was able to get my dog’s teeth even cleaner than my vet could!
- Martin A.
Best one I’ve ever used, paws down.
The K9 dentist kit came in the cutest little box! I’ve tried a few different doggy toothbrushes and toothpastes, but I’m sticking with this one. And my dog loves the flavor!
- Alison J.
Thank you canine dentist!
Could not be happier with the box of tools. I even had a fun time scraping the gunk off fake dog teeth. Helped me practice my skills before trying it out on my own dog.
- Jared A.
My husband is a dentist, and he can’t get enough of this product
You might think that after cleaning teeth all day, my husband wouldn’t want to come home and clean my dog’s teeth. You’d be wrong. That dog’s teeth are cleaner than his teeth! This product works so well that we might have to plan an intervention! Ha!
- Elizabeth Q.
You can tell the tools are high quality
The tools feel really nice and heavy — very very well made. I am impressed!
- Bridget P.
So affordable!
I love how little this thing costs! You get so much in the kit — I’d be spending a fortune in the pet store and I wouldn’t get nearly as much!
- Karen F.
K9 Dentist


A portion of the proceeds from every kit we sell goes directly to HonorBound Foundation to fund the training of service dogs for veterans with PTSD. Dogs make a huge difference in these veterans’ lives, and we couldn’t be prouder to support such an amazing charity.

In the past year, HonorBound has raised over $20,000 to support service dog training. Every product you buy from The K9 Dentist helps a veteran fight PTSD.

We love dogs, we love teeth, and we love our veterans. Help us help our nation’s heroes, and keep your dog’s teeth clean while you’re at it.